Glyndon, MN

Photo by William DeHoogh on Unsplash

Glyndon, MN

Photo by William DeHoogh on Unsplash


Innovation. Talent. Hustle. 

Small town. Big city. It doesn't matter.

Your work. Your life.

Your customers. Your partners. Your network.

It is all here in the Midwest.  

And we are here to help you build it.


Chicago, IL

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You don't need to leave to build your company.  You can do it right here in the Midwest.  But finding capital can be a challenge. You would rather raise a small round. Quickly. Then, get back to showing everyone that you can execute. That is the reason we exist. Comeback Capital has assembled an all-star group of coastal and local LP's who share our passion and belief that great companies have been and will continue to be built in the Midwest. In addition to capital, Comeback Capital portfolio companies benefit from connections to advisors from more established startup markets. 

Pittsburgh, PA
Walking to the Sky


Scott has been investing in start-ups for nearly 20 years. He is a venture partner for Case Angel Network, mentor at several startups and deal flow partner for a West coast micro-VC. Scott is also the A Malachi Mixon III Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies at Case Western Reserve University.

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Robb is a former venture-backed (by Drive Capital) entrepreneur who sold his company to Yelp. He is an entrepreneur in residence at Carnegie Mellon University and is the organizer of the CMU angel network (99 Tartans). Robb also runs CMU VentureBridge, an accelerator that connects the university’s startups to alumni.  

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Tony is an active investor and advisor to start-ups. He also serves as Co-CEO of Hummingbird Nano. Tony built supply chain, analytic and technology services working for a large privately held company. Early in his career, Tony worked in corporate M&A assessing and valuing deals in high growth industries.

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Scott Shane

Managing Director

Robb Myer


Tony Olivito



Phil manages direct investments, funds, and real estate for Skypoint Ventures. He currently serves as CEO of Forum Health Enterprises, Inc. that is focusing on building a network of integrative and functional medical practices . Additionally, Phil was a co-founder, alongside his father, of Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy which he successfully went public in 2014.  

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Phil Hagerman


Larry co-founded Landscape Capital, which manages alternative assets in excess of $300 million. Starting in 2014 Larry primarily served as Portfolio Manager for Landscape Private 
Investments, LLC, the general partner for three private funds focusing on illiquid investments.  

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Larry Bernstein

Venture Partner


Roy Bahat

Partner @

Bloomberg Beta

Cyan Banister

Venture Partner @

Long Journey Ventures

Patrick McKenna

Partner @

High Ridge Venture Partners



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