What we invest in

We take pride in our community. The Midwest is home to a diverse set of industries and leading universities.  Comeback Capital invests in companies that are building technologies that are important for the region.  Some examples include robotics, supply chain and logistics, health tech, mobility, and industrial Internet of things. However, we will consider any early stage company in the Midwest that meets our other criteria.

What we look for

  1. Located in the Midwest

  2. Capital efficient, relatively small rounds (under $1 million) at the pre-seed/seed stage. 

  3. Targeting a customer base which suggests remaining in the Midwest

  4. Compelling founding team

  5. Large market

  6. An unambiguously better value proposition

  7. Demonstrated customer affinity at small scale

Port Washington, WI

​John Westrock on Unsplash

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